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  1. Conductive paste. The conductive paste is widely used in the microelectronics industry, wiring, packaging, connections, etc., plays a vital role on the miniaturization of microelectronic devices. The electronic slurry made of nano-nickel powder has excellent properties and is beneficial to further refinement, which has been widely used in chip multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC).

  2. High efficiency catalyst. Due to the large specific surface area and high activity, nano-nickel powder has strong catalytic effect. Using nano-nickel powder instead of conventional nickel powder can greatly improve the efficiency of catalytic, can be used for organic hydrogenation. Nano-nickel powder can be used to replace precious metals platinum and rhodium in automobile exhaust treatment, which can greatly reduce the cost.

  3. Magnatofluid. With nano-nickel and its alloy powder produced by the magnetic performance, can be widely used in sealing damping, medical equipment, hi-fi loudspeaker sound regulation, mechanical control, etc.

  The magnetic fluid produced by nano-nickel and its alloy powder has excellent properties and can be widely used in sealing damping, medical equipment, hi-fi speaker sound adjustment, mechanical control and other fields.

  4. Activated sintering agents. Due to the large specific surface area and the large volume proportion of atoms on the surface, nano-powders have high energy state and strong sintering ability at lower temperature, which is an effective sintering additive. Nano-nickel powder can greatly reduce the sintering temperature of powder metallurgy products and high temperature ceramic products, such as adhesives used in diamond and ceramic tools.

  5. High-effective combustion adjuvant. Adding nano-nickel powder to the solid fuel propellant of rocket can raise the heat of combustion of fuel, combustion efficiency, improve combustion stability.

  6. Fuel cells. Nano-nickel powder is currently the irreplaceable catalyst in fuel cells, used in various fuel cells (PEM, SOFC, DMFC). Using nano-nickel powder as catalyst for fuel cells can replace expensive metal platinum and greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of fuel cells. Fuel cells can provide a steady supply of electricity for military, field operations and islands. Nano-nickel powder has a great application prospect in green means of transport, residential energy, power supply for homes and buildings, heating and other aspects.

  7. Stealth materials. Considering the electromagnetic properties of nano-nickel powder, it can be used as radar stealth materials and electromagnetic shielding materials in military.

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