Since its establishment, Anhui Navometal New Material Technology Co., LTD, adhering to the enterprise spirit of meticulous research on nano-materials and the future of technology and pursuing the business philosophy that materials inspire innovation and technology lead market development, strives to be the leader of new metal material industry.

Devoting all efforts to determine the lifelong commitments and keeping the positive respecting attitude to behave well. With years of profound accumulation and the booming development of new material industry, our companys strategic planning will be further determined to expand the asset scale and improve economic benefits. In the field of research, development, production, and sales of inorganic nano metal, we will become the leading enterprise in new material industry.

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The company is committed to the production and forward-looking R&D of high-end nano metal powder materials. With an international professional R&D team, the company has obtained four invention patents and more than 20 invention patents under application. Based on Dr. Li Xiaomao's research results and a number of patents, we have developed new nano metal powder materials with smaller particle size, uniform distribution and good dispersion through self-developed production processes and self-designed customized equipments. The product has wide application prospects in the fields of electronic components, new energy, chemical industry, powder metallurgy, biopharmaceutical, etc.

The core products of the company are nano metal powder materials, mainly including nano nickel powder, nano copper powder, nano silver paste, nano tin powder, nano indium powder, nano nickel oxide powder, nano cuprous oxide powder, nano copper oxide powder, nano tin oxide powder, nano indium oxide powder, nano ferric oxide powder, etc. The products have the characteristics of stable quality, adjustable size, narrow particle size distribution and no oxidation on the surface of metal powder. The products have been exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Austria, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and have been highly praised by international customers.

In phase I, the company has built one production line with an annual output of 180 tons of nano nickel powder, one production line with an annual output of 180 tons of nano copper powder and one production line with an annual output of 100 tons of nano silver antibacterial solution. Phase II construction, of which the annual output value will reach 400-500 million yuan, will be built in the next three years.

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