Science Leadership

  Dr. Li Xiaomao

  Dr. Li Xiaomao is one of the earliest experts in China to specialize in nano materials research. He participated in China National 863 Nanometer Climbing Program group and Nanoscale SiO2 Aerogel Preparation Project of China National Natural Science Foundation. He is a specialized expert on the large-scale preparation and physical properties of nano metals, nano semiconductors and nano functional oxide materials.

  Currently, Dr. Li is the technical director of Anhui Nalomite New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  Social Honors

  v Leading talent in strategic emerging industries in Anhui Province

  v Special guest of Anhui CPPCC

  v Member of the Standing Committee of Anhui Association for Science and Technology

  The History

  (1) The technology inventor, Dr. Li Xiaomao, graduated from the Physics Department of University of Science and Technology Beijing in 1990 and has been actively engaged in the nanomaterials research of preparation and physical properties since he graduated from the Institute of solid State Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences which was one of the initiators of nanomaterials research in China in 1993.

  (2) From July 1993 to May 1999, he led the research and development of nanomaterials in the Department of Materials Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, and completed a series of scientific research achievements of nanomaterials. He was selected and joined the National Nature Fund and the National Nano climbing Program. Among those achievements, the industrial production of nano-aluminum oxide, the nano arrey alumina and the nano-silica aerogel are Initiative in China.

  (3) In May 1999, as a visiting scholar, he worked in the Department of Materials of Darmstadt University of Technology (TU-Darmstadt) in Germany. He studied the preparation and luminescence properties of Eu3+-doped nano-Y2O3 under the guidance of Professor Host Hahn, a famous German expert in nanomaterials.

  (4) From April 2000 to October 2009, he worked and studied in the research group of Professor Thomas Wichert who was the first to engage in the research of nano-metal materials in the world, Physics Department of Universität des Saarlands University in Germany, mainly engaged in the study of the hyperfine structure of nano-semiconductor quantum dots. During this period, he participated in the SFB277 Nano Project, a special research project of the German National Science Foundation (12-year plan).

  (5) In 2010, Dr. Li returned to China and built his startup that carried out industrial production of nano-metal powder of nano-nickel and nano-copper, and independently designed the first generation of main equipment for the production of nano-nickel powder and nano-copper powder, electrolysis equipment and reactor equipment(commissioned processing supervision).

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