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Vice Mayor Yang Ruisong and his party went to Navometal for research

Time2022-05-26     Reserved

On the morning of May 26, Vice Mayor Yang Ruisong and other leaders visited Anhui Navometal New Material Technology Co., Ltd. to investigate the development and innovation of new material enterprises, accompanied by Company chairman Xie Xueping, General manager Chen Zhijun, and technical director Li Xiaomao.


The research group inspected the production project of metal ultrafine powder materials of Navometal, Vice Mayor Yang listened to the chairman Xie about the future development plan of Navometal and the current stage of production line construction.Dr. Li showed the company's technological innovation achievements, product types and product specifications to the members of the research group. General manager Chen introduced the company's product research and development,cooperation between industry and academia and research, talent training and other aspects to the members of the research group.


After listening, Vice Mayor Yang expressed his affirmation of the achievements made by Navometal at this stage and his high hopes for the future development of the company. He stressed that the relevant departments should support the enterprise to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, listen to the development demands of the enterprise, study and solve the problems that hinder the development of the enterprise, and provide strong support for promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise.

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