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Ding Chun, Party Secretary, Visited Navometal for Investigation

Time:2022-04-24     【Reserved】

On the afternoon of April 24th, to supervise the construction of major projects in the suburbs, Ding Chun, Party Secretary of CPC, He Tian, Deputy Mayor and others visited Anhui Navometal New Material Technology Co.,Ltd., accompanied by Xie Xueping, chairman of Navometal, Chen Zhijun, general manager, and Li Xiaomao, technical director.



The research group investigated the production project of metal superfine powder materials.Through face-to-face communication and field visit to the manufacturing shop,Secretary Ding learned about the current production line construction and future development plan of the company by chairman Xie Xueping.Dr.Li Xiaomao introduced the production process and technological innovation results to the members of the research group, and general manager, Chen Zhijun,showed the types and specifications of the products.



Secretary Ding highly affirmed Navometal’s cultivation in the field of new materials and breakthrough in the bottleneck project, and placed high hopes for Navometal’s future development.

Secretary Ding stressed that for the enterprises facing raw materials procurement difficulties and talents shortage, the relevant departments are required to play a role as a bond, making joint efforts to discuss countermeasures, coordinating problems, and helping enterprises solve problems. Departments should strengthen the service consciousness, enhance the service ability, improve the business environment and legal environment.All measures to facilitate people and benefit enterprises should be carried out to seek development for the enterprises and help enterprises continue to grow bigger, better, and stronger.

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