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Zheng Xiaoyan, Vice-director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People

Time:2022-04-25     【Reserved】

On the afternoon of April 25th,vice-director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and her delegation went to Navometal New Material Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation, and had an in-depth understanding of nano-metal powder industrial project, accompanied by chairman Xie Xueping and technical director Li Xiaomao.


Vice-director Zheng had a friendly conversation with executives.Chairman Xie introduced Navometal’s technological innovation, market expansion, production and operation status of the company to vice-director Zheng.The research team went into the production workshop to understand the product development and process flow led by Dr.Li.


After the inspection,vice-director Zheng highly affirmed the results obtained in the industrial development of nano powder.

Vice-director stressed that relevant departments should listen to the demands of enterprises, coordinate to solve the difficulties encountered in the enterprises’ development, help to boost the development of enterprises, remove as many obstacles as possible and let enterprises go to the battle-front without any burden. Relevant departments should implement related policies, earnestly solve the difficulties and problems existing in the construction and development of enterprises, and help the development of the enterprises.

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